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How to Maximize Your Homes Curb Appeal

Don’t judge a book by its cover. A phrase that proves spot on more often than not except when it comes to home selling where first impressions matter most above all else. Your curb being the cover in this case, here are a couple of simple pointers to enhance your homes curb appeal:

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Cut Back Shrubs & Trees

Trees and shrubs provide a touch of Mother Nature’s delight to spruce up the simplicity of a modern-day home. However, curb appeal during the summer becomes a problem when there is more tree than house as lush green is meant to compliment the architecture not hide it completely. So if your house looks like its cast in the middle of a jungle, then a little pruning and trimming are in order. You can do the work yourself- you’ll find all the necessary DIYs online- but its best to turn to a professional when branches are dangling precariously above the house.


Manicure Your Lawn
To keep everything nice and tidy, keep the lawn freshly edged and mowed to ensure nothing green is out of place. Pay particular attention prior to any showings and if you are short on time to do so regularly, get a professional yard service that’ll ensure you’re always show-ready.

Spruce Up the Color
Flowering plants and gardens can go a long way in bolstering your curb appeal without digging too deep into your pocket. Find out which plants to plant where and when- again you’ll also find this across the interwebs- and be sure to throw in some nice vibrant shades such as yellow and purple or anything that’s easy on the eye. Exposed flower beds can come off as a little unkempt so be sure to cover the bare ground with fresh mulch after planting.


Paint the House
Your curb appeal also extends to the face of your house and dilapidated shades will certainly do you no good even if your curb was recently laid. Painting the entire house will certainly have your wallet groaning but you don’t need to paint everything in its entirety, in fact, just the trim should suffice. Besides being new, the color variety used also affects buying appeal and you can establish which works best for your case via a color consultant but white is generally a safe shade.

Clean the Gutters
Roof hygiene is a major consideration for most buyers with its importance going beyond curb appeal. It is a primary maintenance area in all homes and if the gutters are an all-you-can-eat buffet of algae, twigs, branches, rodents, etc. or are sagging or clogged, then it speaks volumes of what to expect inside which is not much. So clean all debris on gutters and roofs and ensure they are in excellent shape lest you give off the impression of a neglected house.


Freshen Driveways & Walks
Your garden hose and a good old scrubbing simply won’t hack it, you need the effectiveness of a thorough power cleaning service. The high pressure is adept at removing those stubborn stains that have become part of the detailing providing the next best thing to a newly done curb.

Liven Outdoor Spaces
It’s time to kick to the curb weather-beaten furniture, so to speak, and basically any other outdoor accessory that seems to be past its glory days. Most homebuyers have attested to the condition of the outdoor living space to be important so clean what needs to and make necessary repairs where you need to as well.


Get a New Mailbox
Your mailbox is among the very first things buyers notice and if yours looks exhausted, consider getting a new one which shouldn’t cost you too much. For those placed atop a wooden post, ensure the post gets a splash of a new, neutral color such as brown.

Treat Your Windows
It’s often said your eyes are the windows to your soul and the same holds true for houses where the windows are the eyes to its soul. So take note of how window treatments appear from an outsider’s perspective. The general rule of thumb when it comes to good window treatment entails a uniformity in style, color and opening degrees of draperies, shutters, and blinds.


Final Thoughts

Curb appeal not only bodes well with prospective buyers but also with the real estate market. Consumer Reports indicate that you can increase your home value by up to 5% by bettering curb aesthetics so it’s definitely something to be taken seriously. So if you haven’t maximized your homes curb appeal and plan on selling make sure you do so prior to listing. However, remember interior home improvements are just as important as exterior ones and some improvements yield a high ROI while others don’t. This is where hiring a top Realtor to guide you through the home selling process will be extremely beneficial.

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